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Why Coaching?

In order to participate in successful skydives, it is essential that you invest in furthering your education by receiving training from an experienced coach. There are many different levels of coaching available in the skydiving world. 

What makes AXIS Coaching unique?

AXIS offers world class coaching for both FS and VFS disciplines. Many AXIS coaches have attended and medaled at multiple World Championships. They are passionate about the sport and bring this enthusiasm to their teaching style. Patient, concise, and methodical, AXIS coaches utilize a tried and proven training method approach to skydiving and can produce measurable results in a short amount of time. 

Not only are all AXIS coaches highly experienced competitors and coaches, but are also multi rated professional skydivers.
Experienced AFF Instructors, Tandem Masters, Tunnel Instructors/Trainers, Exhibition Jumpers, and S&TAs can all be found under one roof here at AXIS HQ. 

With a wind tunnel located directly on the DZ, AXIS coaches spend a ridiculous amount of time in the air all year round. 

This section of the website consists of the following pages:

Coaching: Sky Coaching

Sky Coaching

For jumpers with an A-License or above.
Enjoy a customized training plan to advance your exit and free-fall skills.

more …

Coaching: Canopy Coaching

Canopy Coaching

Complete your B-License requirements and/or get advanced training in specialized fields such as flocking, kiting, performance landings, and

more …

Coaching: Wind Tunnel Coaching

Wind Tunnel Coaching

Take your body-flight skills to the next level. Refine your individual flying techniques and/or expose your team to more airtime with personalized instruction.

more …

Coaching: Competition Coaching

Competition Coaching

Give your team a competitive edge with advanced knowledge and training methods.

more …

Coaching: Expansion Projects

X-Pansion Projects

Want to be on a team or jump with a consistent group of people? Steepen your learning curve in a group setting and take advantage of cheaper prices by sharing a coach.

more …

Coaching: Camera Coaching

Camera Coaching

Skydiving with camera equipment can be a very rewarding experience in that you are able to capture moments that are otherwise impossible to see from the ground. However, additional equipment takes additional training.

more …

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