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Canopy Coaching

Building confidence for canopy flight requires knowledge and practice. The best education is a solid foundation of reading your environment, proper harness position and knowledge of how your canopy works and reacts to inputs. Not everyone wants to become a swooper, but every skydive ends with a canopy ride. Therefore every jumper should seek knowledge and build up confidence in this area.

If our programs don't completely suit your needs, let AXIS Flight School customize a program for you. We can accommodate most time and budget parameters – even full day and multi-day courses (on-site or off-site)!

Details and links follow below this chart. You can also click on the canopy/topic that you are interested in.

AXIS Flight School's curriculum for

Canopy Competence Development (CCD)

The AXIS Canopy Course Development Progression

Essential Skills Program

The USPA B-, C-, or D-License exams can be administered after any course in this section,
and by appointment (info [at]

Canopy Proficiency and
Live Water Landing Training

Join us on one of our B-License Days and take both courses to cover the USPA B-License Requiremens d, e, and f. The latter requires that you pass the written B-License exam which is available immediately after the courses (or by appointment).  More …

USPA Competitor Qualification Requirement:
If you want to participate in competitions, the B-License allows you to enter the following USPA disciplines/events: Canopy Formation 2-Way (Advanced), Formation Skydiving (Intermediate and Advanced), and Mixed Formation Skydiving (Advanced).

Advanced Accurary
Refresh your skydiving and canopy skills.

This course focuses primarily on cleaning up pattern work by using ground reference maneuvers coupled with GPS analysis.  More …

USPA Competitor Qualification Requirement:
If you want to participate in competitions, the C-License allows you to enter the following USPA disciplines/events: Accuracy Landing, Artistic Events (Open), Canopy Formation (2-Way Open), Canopy Formation (4-Way), Canopy Piloting (see SCM 5.2.2), Formation Skydiving (Open), Formation Skydiving (10- and 16-way), Vertical Formation Skydiving, Mixed Formation Skydiving (Open), Wingsuit Flying, and Speed Skydiving.

In-Air Skills Program

Extended canopy time, coupled with personalized one-on-one instruction, students will cover relative work essentials, and collision avoidance, along with plenty of air time during high altitude hop and pops. An AXIS coach will lead you showing canopy handling techniques, relative targeting and specific formations. They will ride with you and personally coach you through each maneuver, covering each aspect and your responsibility as a flight leader and wing-man.

Canopy Piloting Program

Whether you are just curious about swooping, or are looking for that competitive edge, the AXIS Canopy Piloting program will challenge any level of jumper. Improving speed production, defining canopy limits, piloting craft, and course navigation techniques are combined with personalized instruction, and real-world competition scenarios.


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