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Wind Tunnel Coaching

Wind tunnel training is an essential part for developing body-flight skills. Though tunnel-flying is a sport in its own right, tunnel training compliments and accelerates the learning curve for skydivers as well.

Tunnel Coaching: one on one

AXIS Flight School has extensive experience training, competing, and coaching various disciplines in the tunnel environment. Having flown in tunnels all over the world, AXIS offers a unique training experience and learning opportunities for flyers of all skill levels.

AXIS coaches are eager to travel to tunnel installations world wide, sharing their expertise and show flyers a good time. They can be hired by teams, individuals, and tunnels to host camps and other events.

Collaborating with the IBA (International Bodyflight Association), AXIS helps train instructors and trainers to become more effective coaches. In addition, AXIS can also be seen making tutorial videos for the general public.

AXIS coaches have stood on the podium of several indoor competitions in various disciplines (including 4-way FS and VFS), which sets them apart as coaches from less experienced instructors. To understand the difference, please read this article.

IBA Sign-offs and Ratings

  • Flyer sign-offs Level 1 to PRO (Progressions: Formation Skydiving, Static, and Dynamic).
  • IBA Coach Ratings (Coach Skills: Formation Skydiving, Static, and Dynamic).
  • Flight Instructor Training Program (FITP).
  • Instructor ratings up to and including Level I4.
  • Trainer ratings up to and including Level T3.

Niklas Daniel is an IBA Trainer Level 4 (T4), who can officially sign off flyers on the IBA website. You can view his credentials on his member page on the IBA website.

What to expect from a coaching session

All tunnel-coaching sessions are preceded by a thorough 30-minute brief on body positions and maneuvers being practiced, followed by your flight time.

Your flight time will be broken up into approximately two-minute increments, allowing you to take breaks in between flights.

Once your time is over, a thorough de-brief with video analysis will end the session.

Contact AXIS for more information at info [at]

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to your flight time, you will receive 100% of your deposit back.

If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your flight time or fail to show up, you will be charged the full amount for your flight time (and not just the deposit), as we in turn will be charged by the wind tunnel company in full for your flight time slot.

Please arrive 30 minutes to an hour prior to your scheduled flight time. This will give you time to gear up and prepare for your flight.

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