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X-pansion Project

AXIS Flight School has a large student body to draw from in order to form weekend teams. Participants of similar skill levels are exposed to quality training that involves jumping as well as tunnel coaching. 

Is this for me?

The X-pansion project is a great way for novice skydivers to sample what it is like to jump in a team environment that is fun and low key. New participants are introduced to essential formation skydiving skills that will shape the foundation on which they can grow to become successful competitors. One or more AXIS coaches will be part of your jumping experience (i.e. 1:3, or 2:2).

I love 4-way and want to do more!

Those who are bit by the "4-way bug" are welcome to return and continue learning form an AXIS coach for a training season. Team and individual goals can be tailored to the groups level of ambition. In many cases, X-pansion project teams end up competing at the USPA Nationals in their first year. There are various devisions a team can enter based on skill level. To do so, a full time videographer can be provided.

Did you know that this is wickedly fun and awesome?

"Jumping with a consistent group of people is a great way to improve both individual and team flying skills, as well as tracking progress. It can get quite frustrating when all you want to do is a 4-way, but then it grows to an 11-way. This is to help eliminate those pesky weekend jumping tendencies ;)" — Brianne Thompson

If this project is something you would like to be a part of please contact Brianne Thompson at
Brianne [at]




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