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Flocking / CRW

Learn to fly relative to other canopy pilots. This is a must for any aspiring CRW dog or persons wanting to perform team landings.

In-Air Skills Courses

CCD 2.1: Formation Flying

Intro to Canopy Flocking Course: parallel landing

Canopy flocking is a great way to learn more about your canopy and to become comfortable flying in close proximity to other jumpers. This is especially helpful during pattern navigation and creating vertical separation for safety. In this course you will learn all the necessary skills to fly relative to other canopy pilots, and to better anticipate their actions.

[Image: AXIS coaches Brianne and Nik perform a team landing, highlighting their formation flying capabilities."]

Your training jumps will start at app. 13,000 feet AGL, where you will deploy immediately so you can completely focus on flying your canopy. An AXIS coach will accompany you for the entire duration of your flight in order to serve as a reference and added instruction.

The topics covered in this course are:

Intro to Flocking Course - Jump 1

Coach Evaluation

In depth look at canopy control ranges. Learn specific exit technique to get together quickly. Flying relative to coach and testing control ranges.

Intro to Flocking Course - Jump 2

Wing Man Slot Flying

End-cell to end-cell chase drills. Box drill, changing position relative to flight leader.

Intro to Flocking Course - Jump 3

Team maneuvering

Staying in slot through turns and level changes.

Intro to Flocking Course - Jump 4

Rebuild maneuvers

Runback and re-build maneuvers: long distance chase drills with a cooperative target.

Intro to Flocking Course - Jump 5

Flight leader

Learn flight leader responsibilities. Building awareness of altitude, ground track, winds aloft, and much more.

All Jumps

Before each jump, you will receive theoretical information and practical drills to be performed under canopy. An AXIS coach will accompany your entire flight, giving you direction and a reference point in the sky. The jump will be documented with a first person camera view from the coach to be used for debriefing.

Your Agenda for the Day

Here is a quick break down of what you can expect for the course:

Organizational Information

Next Dates

This course is currently by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a date.

Check out our calendar page for other courses.

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