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Brianne Thompson

Brianne Thompson
FS, MFS, VFS, Canopy, Tunnel

An Arizona native, Brianne is a professional skydiver, competitor, and AFF instructor. She was a member of the USA Women's 4-way team (Blue) from 2006 to 2010.

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Contact: brXXXianne [aXXXt] aXXXxisfXXXlightsXXXchool.cXXXom

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Niklas Daniel

Niklas Daniel
FS, MFS, VFS, Canopy, Tunnel, Camera

Born in the United States and raised in southern Germany, Niklas is a professional skydiver, competitor, AFF/Tandem Instructor, and Photographer.

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Contact: niXXXklas [aXXXt] aXXXxisfXXXlightsXXXchool.cXXXom

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Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe
Instructor Examiner, Canopy, Wingsuit, BASE

Instructor Examiner Ben Lowe joined the AXIS Flight School team in the summer of 2015. Operating under the name X-Ratings, Ben offers USPA rating courses at AXIS Flight School on an ongoing basis.

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Contact: beXXXn [aXXXt] aXXXxisfXXXlightsXXXchool.cXXXom

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