Event Summary

Sat Aug 31 – Sun Sep 01, 2019 at
Skydive Midwest Skydiving Center,
13851 56th Rd., Sturtevant WI 53177, USA.
Available Slots: 12.
Registration Fee: $150. Payable here: https://skydivemidwest.com/product/axis/.

AXIS Flight School Freefly Camp
Calling Beginner and Intermediate Freeflyers!

Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School are coming to Skydive Midwest this summer! Nik and Brianne are known for their VFS team Arizona X-Force (2nd Place Open at 2018 USPA Nationals), as well as their monthly column in USPA Parachutist called "Foundations of Flight." In short, they are some freefly ninjas coming to drop some serious knowledge!

This camp will be an very personalized and focused weekend of skydiving aimed at honing your skills when it comes to approaching smaller formations, adjusting levels, flying to your slot, taking grips, and tracking. These jumps will have detailed briefs and video debriefs to help you work on your skills in a controlled environment. You will have ample opportunity to ask detailed questions and get feedback on your jumping!

Camp Format

  • Two day camp — Saturday-Sunday
  • Participants will be organized in groups of 3 plus 1 organizer
  • 6-8 jumps per day
  • 12 slots available (small camp = more coaching!)
  • Camp will be focused on refining your sit fly skills or beginner head down if applicable.


At a minimum, you must be able to fly in a controlled sit-fly position for an entire skydive. If you have never done any freeflying or are still learning stability, you should skip this camp. However, if you are working on taking docks or trying to improve your up/down/forward/back movement, this is the camp for you!

When and Where

Sat Aug 31 – Sun Sep 01, 2019 at Skydive Midwest Skydiving Center, 13851 56th Rd, Sturtevant, WI 53177, USA


$150 Registration can be paid here: https://skydivemidwest.com/product/axis/

AXIS on Skydiving

This overview lists all of our 140+ articles (Foundations of Flight and Feature Articles).

Find the AXIS videos on skydiving on our YouTube channel.

Body Flight Theory—Part 1:
A Skydiving Coordinate System

By Niklas Daniel. Photos and illustrations by Niklas Daniel.

In order to fully exploit our body’s maneuvering potential in the air, we have to understand what is aerodynamically and physically possible and which underlying principles apply. This paper will eventually cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, whether for training purposes or general inquiries.

The goal of part 1 of this paper is to establish a more elegant and convenient way to visualize body-flight movement with the purpose of creating order by introducing AXIS systems. You will be introduced to aerodynamic fundamentals and principles of a person in freefall – be it skydiving, base jumping, or flying in a vertical wind tunnel.

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