Frequently Asked Question re. Coaching (or Training)

Photo by Niklas Daniel

I feel stuck and start to lose interest in skydiving. What can I do?

If you feel stuck, chances are that you feel like you are not improving your personal skills, or the kind of jumping you are doing has become stale.

AXIS Flight School provides tangible evidence of improved skill and knowledge through its coaching method. Not only can AXIS Coaches™ help you improve your personal skills, but they can also expose you to disciplines you might not even know exist.

By trying something new, AXIS can revitalize your passion for flying. Motivation and passion cannot be bought, but it can be ignited by someone else.

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Coaching (or Training)

I now have my B-License - what could/should be my next steps?

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I haven't skydived in quite some time. Can I ever come back?

FAQ Overview

Body Flight Theory—Part 1:
A Skydiving Coordinate System

By Niklas Daniel. Photos and illustrations by Niklas Daniel.

In order to fully exploit our body’s maneuvering potential in the air, we have to understand what is aerodynamically and physically possible and which underlying principles apply. This paper will eventually cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, whether for training purposes or general inquiries.

The goal of part 1 of this paper is to establish a more elegant and convenient way to visualize body-flight movement with the purpose of creating order by introducing AXIS systems. You will be introduced to aerodynamic fundamentals and principles of a person in freefall – be it skydiving, base jumping, or flying in a vertical wind tunnel.

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