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Essential Canopy Skills Program
USPA B-License Courses

Join us on one of our B-License Days and take the «Canopy Proficiency» and «Live Water Landing Training» courses (details below) to cover the USPA B-License Requirements d, e, and f. The latter requires that you pass the written B-License exam which is available immediately after the courses (or by appointment).

USPA Competitor Qualification Requirement:
If you want to participate in competitions, the B-License allows you to enter the following USPA disciplines/events: Canopy Formation 2-Way (Advanced), Formation Skydiving (Intermediate and Advanced), and Mixed Formation Skydiving (Advanced).

Course «Canopy Proficiency»

Through this course, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of your parachute and learn from our expert coaches how to maximize your safety and performance while flying your wing. Unfortunately, most skydivers prioritize sign-offs over improving their individual canopy skills, leading to unprepared skydivers and unsafe flying, especially in challenging or unfamiliar conditions.

This course will instill the fundamental habits of safer, controlled canopy flying that you can build upon for years to come. We will focus on advanced canopy control, active flying, and awareness. With safety in mind, our course focuses on giving you an advanced understanding of canopy flight as well as challenging you with important canopy control and input exercises.

Above all else, we seek to improve your confidence and skill as a canopy pilot.

The course includes

An AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight on all jumps and record your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and theoretical class work after each jump.

B-License Canopy Course - Jump 1B-License Canopy Course - Jump 2B-License Canopy Course - Jump 3B-License Canopy Course - Jump 4B-License Canopy Course - Jump 5B-License Canopy Course - coach filming approach and landing


Course «Live Water Landing Training»

As skydivers get more experienced, they like to travel to new and exotic locations. Unlike the desert, those locations often have a lot of water. Apart from emergencies, our course will also prep you for beach boogies and water landing boogies.

This 90-minute course counts towards the USPA B-License requirements.

You will learn the necessary theory and also get to apply the theory in a swimming pool. Canopy and harness will be provided, but you need to bring your own swim gear. You must be a proficient swimmer in order to participate!!

Water Training 1Water Training 2Water Training 3Water Training 4

Organizational Information

Your Agenda for the Day

Here is a quick break down of what you can expect for the course:

The Next Course is scheduled for

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Courses CCD 1.1 and CCD 1.2 usually take place on the same day

Related Articles by AXIS

More Than Just a Sign-Off — Training for Water Landings
Training for intentional and unintentional water landings is an important part of a skydiver's learning progression and is required to receive the USPA B license. Unfortunately, most jumpers rarely give it much thought after their instructors sign them off for this skill, and few take the time to carefully consider the dangers involved.

Why Stall?
Anyone who takes a quick look at the USPA Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card (the completion of which is required to receive a B license) will notice that most of the maneuvers are of the slowflight variety. The big question jumpers always ask is, "Why do I need to perform stalls? What practical application does it offer?" Learning more about slow flight and stalls not only prepares you to land your parachute better, but also teaches you just how versatile your wing can be.

Reading Surface Wind Conditions
Increase your situational awareness and increase your ability to make better landing pattern and directions decisions. Better anticipate your movement across the ground (holding, running, and crabbing). Anticipate and avoid turbulent conditions.

Braked Canopy Flight
Increase your awareness of a canopy's control range, bank angle and angle of attack. Increase your landing proficiency and improve your long-spot navigation with a tailwind (when pilot is upwind of the target). Increase your mobility in breaked flight and thereby ease congestion in the landing pattern through vertical separation.

Relative Glide
Understanding the difference between glide ration and relative glide. Understanding how to best manipulate your canopy's control range to affect relative glide.

Rear-Riser Stall
Increase your awareness of the slow-flight range of your canopy. Learn to recover from a stall with minimum loss of altitude. Understand when you are no longer maximizing forward glide. Learn how to prevent high-speed stalls (particularly for high-performance canopy pilots).

Toggle Stalls
Understand your canopy's slow-flight characteristics and its limits (the stall point). Improve your landings by making smoother and more precise inputs. Further your knowledge of braked (flat) turns for obstacle avoidance, to minimize altitude loss when turning and to maintain vertical separation from others when turning in the pattern.


USPA Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card
USPA Skydivers Information Manual (SIM)
Passages to Study


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