B-License Weekend

Photo by Samantha Schwann
The courses of the B-License Weekend are part of our Essential Canopy Skills Program

Intro: Join us on one of our two-day B-License Weekends and take the «Canopy Proficiency» and «Live Water Landing Training» courses (details below) to cover the USPA B-License Requirements d, e, and f. The latter requires that you pass the written B-License exam which is available immediately after the courses (or by appointment).

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Once you have booked your slot by paying a deposit, we will send you a confir­mation e-mail with details about course organi­zation as well as formal and know­ledge require­ments.

Course «Canopy Proficiency»

Through this course, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of your parachute and learn from our expert coaches how to maximize your safety and performance while flying your wing.

Unfortunately, most skydivers prioritize sign-offs over improving their individual canopy skills, leading to unprepared skydivers and unsafe flying, especially in challenging or unfamiliar conditions.

This course will instill the fundamental habits of safer, controlled canopy flying that you can build upon for years to come. We will focus on advanced canopy control, active flying, and awareness.

With safety in mind, our course focuses on giving you an advanced understanding of canopy flight as well as challenging you with important canopy control and input exercises.

B-License Canopy Course - Jump 1B-License Canopy Course - Jump 2B-License Canopy Course - Jump 3B-License Canopy Course - Jump 4B-License Canopy Course - Jump 5B-License Canopy Course - coach filming approach and landing
Photos by Niklas Daniel

Above all else, we seek to improve your confidence and skill as a canopy pilot.

The course includes

  • Classroom instruction
  • Canopy handling drills
  • Precision slow-flight
  • Stall avoidance, control, and recovery
  • Proper handling and application of toggles and risers
  • Individual analysis of all landings
  • Practical, personal instruction between jumps

An AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight on all jumps and record your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and theoretical class work after each jump.


Please register for the course your deposit on our via .
Once you have booked your slot by paying the deposit, we will send you a confir­mation e-mail with details about course organi­zation as well as formal and know­ledge require­ments.

USPA Competitor Qualification Requirement:
If you want to participate in competitions, the B-License allows you to enter the following USPA disciplines/events: Canopy Formation 2-Way (Advanced), Formation Skydiving (Intermediate and Advanced), and Mixed Formation Skydiving (Advanced).

If you need a copy of the Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM), you can locate your preferred media version of it at https://uspa.org/SIM

Course «Live Water Landing Training»

Course dates: Saturday afternoon (day 1) of a B-License Weekend
Photo by Samantha Schwann.

This course is for proficient swimmers only!

As skydivers get more experienced, they like to travel to new and exotic locations. Unlike the desert, those locations often have a lot of water. Apart from emergencies, our course will also prep you for beach boogies and water landing boogies.

This 90-minute course counts towards the USPA B-License requirements.

  • You will learn the necessary theory.
  • You must apply the theory in a swimming pool.
  • Canopy and harness will be provided, but you need to
  • bring swimming attire and a towel.
  • In the winter a wetsuit is highly recommended as the pool is not heated.
The AXIS Canopy Course Development Progression

There is more to explore!

Another part of our Essential Canopy Skills program is the Advanced Accuracy course and after that, both our In-Air Canopy Skills Program and Canopy Piloting Program are available by appointment.

In addition, we also offer our highly customizable Canopy Booster Course™ where you will have the full attention of your coach in a 1-on-1 setting to address your personal goals.

Available Merits

USPA B-License Canopy Proficiency

Recipient has successfully completed all requirements on the USPA Canopy Pilot Proficiency Card.

How this Merit is Earned

Recipient has demonstrated the following to the satisfaction of an AXIS Coach™: a) Reading of SIM Sections 6-10 and 6-11 before the course. b) All required canopy discovery drills on the USPA Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card.

USPA Live Water Landing Training

Recipient has successfully participated in a Live Water Landing Training course in accordance with USPA SIM Section 6-5.

How this Merit is Earned

Recipient has demonstrated the following to the satisfaction of an AXIS Coach™: a) Reading of SIM Sections 6-5 before the course. b) Competence in all required live water drills.

Body Flight Theory—Part 1:
A Skydiving Coordinate System

By Niklas Daniel. Photos and illustrations by Niklas Daniel.

In order to fully exploit our body’s maneuvering potential in the air, we have to understand what is aerodynamically and physically possible and which underlying principles apply. This paper will eventually cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, whether for training purposes or general inquiries.

The goal of part 1 of this paper is to establish a more elegant and convenient way to visualize body-flight movement with the purpose of creating order by introducing AXIS systems. You will be introduced to aerodynamic fundamentals and principles of a person in freefall – be it skydiving, base jumping, or flying in a vertical wind tunnel.

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