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The B-License Canopy Course run by Axis Flight School is an outstanding foundational course for both sport and military jumpers. The essential canopy skills taught in this course are foundational knowledge critical for the safety and development of every parachutist. Axis delivers a superior product with their incorporation of water training in conjunction with the canopy course, often a challenge for parachutists to complete in a timely manner. The instruction provided by Axis is amongst the best in the industry due to the decades of experience. Essential canopy skills are articulated in a clear and concise manor which reflects extensive familiarity with canopy flight and their dedication to the instruction of new parachutists. The B-License Canopy Course is just one of many foundational courses taught by Axis Flight School that is well suited for the professional development of both sport and military jumpers. Axis will customize training to meet the needs of the individual, organization or unit and is an excellent choice for meeting your needs whether they be under canopy, in freefall or at the wind tunnel.

Major Michael Mandell, USAF

This is the first time I have seen skydiving lessons where I can have the same instructor in the wind tunnel as well as in the sky. I had the pleasure of learning from Brianne Thompson this week, spending an hour with her in the wind tunnel and ten coach jumps. As a new skydiver I was looking to refine my basic belly skills and exits. The lessons, advice, and feedback were exactly what I needed to improve and I could see it occurring throughout the week.
Brianne was able to quickly evaluate how best I learn and tailored her lessons accordingly to best suit me. Her de-briefs of our coach jumps were comprehensive and informative, allowing me to set objectives for my next jump to improve.
The drills in the wind tunnel, although at first seemed odd as to why we were doing them, shortly had their purpose manifest. Each coach jump from a plane was fun, but also challenging. Favourite exit was when we did a high five on the way out!
I can't recommend this place enough! The only downside is I have to fly all the way to Arizona from Canada to learn from her. Fantastic skydiver; fantastic instructor!

Derek Smith

I am 58 years old and have attended many different schools throughout the world. I have had more than 1000 teachers in my lifetime. Without a doubt, the instructors at Axis Flight School are definitely in the Top 1% of all teachers!
They can take a complex problem in skydiving and make it simple to understand. They produce all of their own videos which are some of the best that I have ever seen. They are patient, positive, supportative and extremely knowledgeable. Even better, they just might save your life or prevent you from having a serious injury.
I am definitely planning to return to their school in the very near future to take more classes and private trainings.

Keith Ballard
Milken National Educator

An extremely high caliber of training for any skydiver from beginner to advanced skillset. I completed the canopy progression course with Brianne, and couldn’t be happier with the professional instruction I received throughout the 2-day course (usually a 1 day course but delayed due to weather). No question went unanswered, and I will without a doubt be returning for more advanced training as I progress in the sport. I highly recommend advancing your skills with the schools instruction and approach. Thanks again Brianne!

Simon Boaz

When it comes to skydiving coaching, Nik and Brianne are as good as it gets. I have trained with them for canopy work in the sky, and body flight in the wind tunnel, and after every session I have left satisfied and feeling a noticeable improvement on the discipline we worked on.

Eric Yopp

World class talent who have created a 13+ year running world class instruction & coaching business with Axis Flight School. Nik and Brianna have 26,000+ jumps between them. Nik is in the US National Team and competes in the World Skydiving Championships. He is also placed second in the USA for speed skydiving with a mind-boggling 302mph.
I completed a 2-day B-license canopy course with them over the course of a weekend. No detail was overlooked, and no question was too much. I left with my B-license and so, so much more knowledge on becoming a better canopy pilot.
They have very visible passion and deep knowledge of the sport, and are just lovely people to boot. Not only that, they have zero ego and infinite patience.
If this is your home DZ, you leave not only as 'one of our students', but a genuine connection and a hunger to continue the learning journey with you.

David Jaggard

The value of coaching cannot be overstated. Brianne and Nik are amazing instructors. Lots of people are epic skydivers. Far fewer are those with the ability to teach. Even less are those who can teach efficiently and effectively. Value for money here is through the roof because your learning is so accelerated.


The best instructors out there. They’re extremely experienced, award winning skydivers; most importantly, they know how to teach well. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skills in the air. Can’t wait to visit again!

Harvey Birdman

Enrolling in the B license certification course at Axis Flight School has been the most significant catalyst in enhancing my skydiving abilities and honing my canopy control skills.

Shaun O

Just had the great fortune to spend 2 days in Eloy working with Nik Daniel and Brianne Thompson from Axis Flight School, and there's no way I can recommend them enough! I am coming back to the sport after long layoffs and was also jumping new gear. Spent a day with Nik taking the canopy course and getting help piloting the Sabre 3 (plus a decidedly cold water training at the end of the day...lol). Day 2 was 4 one-on-one jumps and (2) 15 minute tunnel sessions with Brianne.
By far the best thing I have done to date, to progress in the sport. Learned so much in 2 days, achieved my B license, and have greater competence and confidence both in freefall and piloting my canopy. Can't wait to go back and train with them again soon!
No matter the discipline or where you are in the sport, I can say with confidence they can help you progress to the next level...

Drew Baker


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