Canopy Booster Course™
(Private Lessons)

Photo by Niklas Daniel
The Canopy Booster Course is part of our Essential Canopy Skills Program

Whether you need help to stand up your landings, want supervision jumping a new wing, or need some guidance and direction of where to go next, this course is for you. The one-on-one coached setting allows for clear communication at a pace dictated by you.

Photo by Scott Jontes.

You can do as many jumps as you like, while your AXIS-Coach draws from all our course materials to provide you with a custom program to fit your needs.

As this course is by appointment only, please contact us with the following information:

  • Specific goal(s) you wish to accomplish,
  • Total number of jumps,
  • Time in Sport,
  • Preferred skydiving discipline (i.e. FS, Free-fly, Wing-suit, etc.)
  • Current canopy size, model, wing loading, and number of jumps,
  • Previous canopy size, model, wing loading, and number of jumps,
  • Past injuries sustained while skydiving, if applicable.

Available Merits

Canopy Booster Course™

Recipient participated in a private coaching session with an AXIS Coach™, in an effort to improve individual skills and understanding.

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