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AXIS Flight School now uses , a platform on which you can keep track of accomplishments, IDs, licenses, merits, etc. in a digital form. This allows us to send merits to students who have demonstrated their proficiency to our AXIS Coaches™ and acknowledge their achievements.

Brianne and Niklas talk about this exciting new feature in the interview
«Tailors of Training» with

Available Merits are displayed at the top of each web page.

How does it work?

Let us look at our «Water Training»merit (part of our B-License Day) to explain, how this works:

  • Complete the AXIS Live Water training course and demonstrate a sufficient level of theoretical understanding and practical performance.
  • If you have not already done so, open account with Merit.
  • AXIS Flight School will then send you a link via e-mail, which you then use to claim the merit on your Merit account.

Where are the AXIS Flight School Merits hosted?

The AXIS Flight School merits are hosted on . Please follow the link to their website to learn more about how the merit system works. Skydiving organizations like the USPA (sky) and USIS (indoor) also host their memberships, licenses, ratings, and accomplishments on Merit.

AXIS Flight School Merits — Overview

A click on any of the images below will take you to the corresponding program page where a desciption of the merit (and how you can earn it) is available at the bottom of the page.

Body-flight Training

Sky Coaching

Sky Belly Flyer

Sky Back Flyer

Sky Head-up Flyer

Sky Head-down Flyer

Sky Angle Head-up Flyer

Sky Angle Head-down Flyer

Skydiving Recurrency Training

Wind Tunnel Coaching

Tunnel Belly Flyer

Tunnel Back Flyer

Tunnel Head-up Flyer

Tunnel Head-down Flyer

Tunnel NINJA

Canopy Competence Development

Essential Canopy Skills Program

USPA B-License Canopy Proficiency

USPA Live Water Landing Training

Advanced Accuracy

Pro Landings (SIM 7–2B)

Canopy Booster Course™

In-Air Canopy Skills Program

In-Air Canopy Skills: Formation Flying

In-Air Canopy Skills: Dynamic Formations

In-Air Canopy Skills: Team Landings

In-Air Canopy Skills: 1–on–1 CRW

In-Air Canopy Skills: XRW Canopy Pilot

Canopy Piloting Program

Canopy Piloting: Building Speed

Canopy Piloting: Performance Turns

Canopy Piloting: Flying Through Gates

Canopy NINJA

RDS Endorsement

Competition Dive Pools

4-Way Formation Skydiving

4-Way FS Intermediate (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

4-Way FS Advanced (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

4-Way FS Open (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

2-Way Mixed Formation Skydiving

2-Way MFS Intermediate (USPA)

2-Way MFS Advanced (USPA)

2-Way MFS Open (USPA)

2-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving

2-Way VFS Intermediate (USIS)

2-Way VFS Advanced (USIS)

2-Way VFS Open (USIS)

4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving

4-Way VFS Intermediate (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

4-Way VFS Advanced (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

4-Way VFS Open (FAI:ISC / USPA / USIS)

Camera Flying Program

Introduction to Camera Flying

Camera Wings Endorsement

Formation Skydiving Camera Flyer

Vertical Formation Skydiving Camera Flyer

Tandem & AFF Camera Flyer Proficiency

Camera NINJA

Load Organizer Program

Load Organizer Ready

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