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We at AXIS Flight School would like to recognize Skydive Arizona's fine personnel and reliable fleet, which enriches our coaching operations on a daily basis.

AXIS Flight School Facilities: Office
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AXIS Flight School Headquarters

Hours of Operation

We have no fixed hours of operation. The majority of our students have appointments. With that said: we can usually be found around the dropzone. When we are in our office, you are more than welcome to drop by and say hello!


AXIS Flight School is located next to the Square 2 General Store.

Airplanes at Skydive Arizona
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Skydive Arizona has the largest fleet of skydiving aircraft in the world!

  • 7 SUPER TWIN OTTERS for 23 skydivers (each)
  • 7 SKYVANS for 23 skydivers (each)
  • 1 DC-3 for 43 skydivers
  • 1 BEECH 18 for 10 skydivers
  • Balloon jumps/rides are usually available during the winter months but are not organized by the dropzone. However, during the time they take place, manifest will be able to provide the relevant information to you.
Map of Skydive Arizona
Photo by Niklas Daniel.
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Skydive Arizone is the World's largest Skydiving resort with lots of facilities:

  • indoor packing: 51,000 square feet of climate controlled indoor packing
  • packers: 6 packing concessions, run by FAA certified riggers
  • Skydive Arizona™ School: 1st jump to A-license and tandem jumps
  • Ground Supervision
  • 3 grass landing areas
  • Creepers & creeping areas: over 40 heavy-duty, high-quality creepers in several creeping areas
  • mock up
  • swoop park
Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel: outside
Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Wind Tunnel

SkyVenture Arizona is a state-of-the-art skydiving wind tunnel located directly on the Skydive Arizona™ Drop Zone and just a short 5-minute-walk away from the office. This skydiving simulator is a 2nd generation SkyVenture, built by Skyventure LLC. This is a large structure with four 400hp top mounted fans with a lexan and steel enclosed flight area. The flight chamber is 14 feet in diameter and approximately 20 feet tall. It has wall to wall air and can produce wind speeds powerful enough for all forms of body-flight.

On site Amenities

Please be aware that none of the amenities below are in any way connected to AXIS Flight School! If you are interested in learning more, please contact Skydive Arizona or one of the businesses directly.

Facilities at Skydive Arizona: housing container
Photo by Niklas Daniel.


Skydive Arizone is the World's largest Skydiving resort with lots of amenities to make your stay pleasurable:

  • team rooms
  • heated swimming pool
  • basket ball court
  • fitness center
  • showers
  • laundry (washer & dryer)
  • BBQ and fire pit
  • free wireless internet connection on the Skydive Arizona™ grounds

For more information, please contact manifest!
(520) 466-3753, jump [at]

Desert Skies Parachute Rigging at Skydive Arizona 1
Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Rigging Loft

Desert Sky Rigging: full service parachute rigging, inspection, maintenance and repair facility.

For more information, please contact Desert Sky Rigging, (520) 233-1245!

General Store at Skydive Arizona 1
Photo by Niklas Daniel.


You'll be able find everything you'll need for the sport on the dropzone:

  • Square 2: Parachute Gear & Sales
  • Toltec Healing Arts Center: Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Reiki

For more information, please contact Square 2, (520) 466-9566!

Restaurant at Skydive Arizona
Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Food / Refreshments

On site you'll find the Bent Prop Saloon & Cookery (see pictures), a full-service restaurant and bar serving meals and drinks right on the dropzone.

Hours of operation vary according to season. For more information, please contact manifest!

(520) 466-3753, jump [at]

Bunk house at Skydive Arizona
Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Bunk House

Skydive Arizona takes reservations for the bunkhouse through the main office. Sheets, blanket, and a pillow are available or visitor can provide their own sleeping bag. Since there is no grocery store within walking distance there are refrigerators and a microwave in the common room. Also in the common room are storage lockers available only to those staying in the bunkhouse.

Showers and laundry are located near the bunkhouse and team rooms.

For availability, please contact Skydive Arizona!

Camping at Skydive Arizona
Photo by Niklas Daniel.

Camping & RV Hookups

Tent camping is free year round. Short term RV parking (less than 30 days) is located on the drop zone. There are 10 full hookups and 9 electric only slots. Reservations are highly recommended, as these slots are usually full during the busy season. There is a long term RV park a short distance from the drop zone that has 24 full hookups and 14 electric only hookups.

For availability, please contact Skydive Arizona!

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