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For additional inquiries and a copy of our Capability Statement, please contact us:
military [at]

AXIS Flight School has had the honor of working with military personnel from various USA branches, as well has her NATO allies, providing specialized training and curricula for free-fall, vertical wind tunnel, and canopy flight. AXIS can also be an asset by performing support functions such as videography and photography both in-air and ground to air.

AXIS Flight School is committed to providing the highest quality instruction with respect and professionalism.

We prefer sole source solicitation and can also be requested as a subcontractor by other companies. Our instructors will gladly travel to national and international locations.

Capability Statement

For additional inquiries and a copy of our Capability Statement, please contact us:

AXIS Flight School LLC

WOSB Women-Owned Small Business.

military [at]
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Eloy, AZ 85131,
+1 (520) 466-4200


I’ve had the pleasure of both participating in as well as observing several Axis Flight School tunnel, freefall, and canopy piloting courses. Axis brings the highest level of expertise to all of these. Not only are Nik and Brianne accomplished skydivers with several National and World titles under their belts, but they are extraordinary instructors. All of their lesson plans are carefully thought out and are refined with every course iteration. As the Skydive Program manager for Operation Enduring Warrior, Axis Flight School has been my first and sometimes only choice for training severely wounded combat veterans, due to their inherently innovative approach to instruction. I can always depend on the students, who attend Axis Flight School training, to come away with solid fundamentals in the particular area of instruction and overall safety aspects of the sport.

Lt Col Iveta Riggins (USAF / AZ ANG)

I’ve had the pleasure of attending multiple training courses with Nik and Brianne (AXIS Flight School) over the course of a decade, consisting of numerous canopy courses and over a hundred hours of coached body flight instruction. AXIS Flight School has allowed me to safely reduce the learning curve in both body flight and canopy piloting, while providing me with skills that were applicable to both civilian skydiving and tactical military freefall operations. Nik and Brianne are both extremely accomplished skydivers, but more importantly they are world class instructors. Throughout my time in the military, I have received countless courses of instruction on a wide variety of subject matter. I have learned that just because a person is good at something or possesses a certain skillset, doesn’t give them the ability to impart that knowledge or make them a good teacher by default. Nik and Brianne are multifaceted world champion skydivers who are able to articulate their curriculum in way that is tailored to the individual student. I can also say with confidence that AXIS Flight school is committed to student safety above all, which I feel further sets them apart from other instructors. Throughout the years of working with Nik and Brianne, I felt like they always put my well-being first, while also enforcing habits that made me a safer parachutist, both civilian and military.

Price R. (US Army Special Forces)

I have attended 5 separate advanced body flight AXIS courses, 3 of which I lead. Nik and Bri have given nothing short of excellent instruction each and every time. They are consistent, professional, highly capable, and experts in instruction. Not one of the 20 personnel that attended their course(s) during my time expressed dissatisfaction with their course. I would highly recommend AXIS for military instruction, mff, AFFI, free flying, relative work, rigging and packing, tunnel work, and canopy control to name a few. AXIS is unbelievably accommodating and I can’t wait to work with them again.

PJ/Ops Sup

We have used Axis flight school several times for military training. They are the best course and instructors we have had for wind tunnel, bodyflight/freefall and canopy control. Nik and Bri were able to cater to any training request and coaching/instruction we required. They even helped us enhance our curriculum for our MFF course. Nik and Bri are exceptional instructors. They are always professional and safe, and they improved the safety of our school and operations. They provide a fun learning atmosphere where performance and understanding skyrocket. They have the unique ability to cater coaching and training to each individual for understanding and development. We saw dramatic and quantifiable improvement in performance, and enhanced safety and risk mitigation. I cannot recommend them enough and I hope to get the chance to work with them again.

MSgt Lawrence

Nik and Brianne were the best instructors that I have ever had the privilege. They opened up my eyes to how much more there was to learn in canopy piloting, body flight and tunnel flying.

SFC McCallen, Peter J.

Phenomenal instruction and dedication to improving our skills in any area we requested. AXIS has made our team more proficient and safer in the air, allowing us to enhance our mission capabilities.

MSgt Justin Wood USAF Pararescuemen

Axis flight school is the camera course you wish you had when you were getting your qual. Bri and Nik's teaching styles mix very well with the SOF style of learning, blending just the right amount of trash talk with direct critical feedback. The trash talk is not patronizing, and they manage to house an elite performance level beneath their genuine humility. They don't step out of their wheelhouse, and they understand the fact that military jumper's focus is wider than just the jump portion. They masterfully keep an entire group on the threshold of each individual's ability, right in the learning sweet spot, despite dealing with a broad spectrum of baseline flyers. Everyone who attends their course will come away as a better flyer, regardless of their skill level at the start.

TSgt Rogelio Naranja

Great courses, loved the trainings. When I was at the school house I made all my guys get trained by them on coaching techniques and how to fly their bodies. You could see the difference in how well our guys could coach students after getting trained by them. We will continue to use them!


Nik and Brianne are both solid professionals and deliver quality training. I would highly recommend using Axis for any advanced training courses.


Nik and Brianne are both incredible instructors that teach invaluable lessons in the all aspects of skydiving. Their passion for canopy piloting and proficiency helped me progress to a level I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without their expertise and training.


The level of knowledge delivered, paired with practical applications in group and individual coaching allowed for maximum performance by all individuals regarded of skill level. I highly recommend AXIS flight school and their instructors. They will go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations!


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