Film Office

Photo by Brianne Thompson


Please contact our aerial camera specialist Niklas Daniel
(info [at]

In Front of the Lens

Photo by Brianne Thompson.

Skydiving is an amazing sport unlike any other. It is visually captivating, as the vast space in freefall allows the camera to fly around its subject(s) at any speed in three-dimensional space. AXIS Flight School has access to some of the most talented and skilled skydivers in the industry, who jump professionally and compete at the world championship level. This means that AXIS can provide your production team jumpers of the highest caliber that can perform under pressure.

Skydiving is a highly specialized field that is not to be underestimated. Unlike stuntmen who also skydive, skydivers at AXIS are able to provide your production with a vast range in knowledge, experience, and skill. We are located on the world’s largest skydiving resort, where you can enjoy jumpable weather all year round.

Behind the Lens

Photo by Niklas Daniel.

We have vast experience filming skydivers, wind tunnel flyers, as well as various kinds of falling objects.

Our highly specialized helmets are designed to accommodate cameras of varying shapes and sizes.

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