ISSA World Cup Series 2024
Hosted by AXIS Flight School® at Skydive Arizona

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Event 1: March 29 – April 2

at Skydive Arizona, 4900 North Taylor Street, Eloy AZ 85131

Competitors agree to comply with the safety recommendations outlined in Section 6-13 of the USPA Skydiver's Information Manual.

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ISSA World Cup Series
Hosted by AXIS Flight School®
at Skydive Arizona

About Speed Skydiving

The Thrill and Challenge of Speed Skydiving

The International Speed Skydiving Association (ISSA) is an association of Speed Skydiving enthusiasts. The ISSA is a non-registered not for profit organization with the goal to develop the sport, to organize annual World Cup Series events and to promote Speed Skydiving. AXIS Flight School will host two ISSA competition events in 2024 in the United States. The ISSA World Cup Series consists of several meets hosted around the globe.

Competitors have their scores aggregated from their two best competition performances. The competitor with the most points at the end of the season is declared ISSA Speed Skydiving World Series Champion 2024. For details, see the ISSA World Series Rules (click on icon on the right).

Every participant competes against everyone. At the end of the competition each score applied to the following categories: Open, Female, and Junior. Open results include the scores of all participants. In the Female category, only female athlete's scores are considered. A junior athlete is 24 years of age or younger.

After the main event is concluded, we will be offering the Mixed Test Event, which consists of a 2-way team comprised of one male and one female competitor. Over three rounds, each competitor performs solo speed skydives. At the completion of each round, the team members' scores are aggregated. The team with the highest score at the end of three rounds is declared the winner.

Scores will be posted on Skyderby.

The 2024 Events

Organizer: AXIS Flight School®
Host DZ: Skydive Arizona
Aircraft: Twin Otter
Location: 4900 North Taylor Street,
Eloy, Arizona, 85131, USA


Event 2 (December 2024)

Registration and Practice Day: December 06
1st Competition Meeting: December 06
Weather Day: December 10

Main Event: OPEN

Competition Starts: December 07
Competition Ends: December 08

Test Event: MIXED

Competition Starts: December 09
Competition Ends: December 09

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