Advanced Accuracy
(This course is by appointment only)

Photo by Niklas Daniel
The Advanced Accuracy Course is part of our Essential Canopy Skills Program

Intro: This is a great course for anyone that is trying to fulfill landing requirements for USPA licenses or ratings. In addition, this course can be of great value to competitors in the sport accuracy, canopy piloting, and BASE jumping disciplines. You will also be better prepared in the event you are forced to land off the dropzone in a confined area.

AXIS has S&TAs on staff to verify declared accuracy landings for the USPA PRO Rating. For more information, see SIM section 7-2.

Course «Advanced Accuracy»

Advanced Accuracy Course: accuracy landing
Photo by Niklas Daniel.
Landing in a confinend area, simulating a fenced backyard.

The AXIS Advanced Accuracy Course focuses primarily on pattern work by using ground reference maneuvers coupled with GPS analysis. Understanding how to adjust a landing pattern based on the environment and other jumpers, students begin to understand how their flying behavior and choices affect accuracy. This course provides its participants a detail oriented and analytical approach for self-improvement, and is a must have before venturing into the world of high performance landings.

Before each jump, you will receive theoretical information and practical drills to be performed under canopy. An AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight and take a video of your approach and landing. Each jump will be debriefed using the video and GPS information.

The course includes

  • Classroom instruction
  • Canopy handling drills
  • Precision pattern work
  • Visual tricks for better accuracy (overcoming imprinting)
  • Physical target to land on
  • Individual analysis of all landings with video and GPS
  • Practical, personal instruction between jumps

An AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight on all jumps and record your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and theoretical class work after each jump.

Advanced Accuracy Canopy Course - Jump 1Advanced Accuracy Canopy Course - Jump 2Advanced Accuracy Canopy Course - Jump 3Advanced Accuracy Canopy Course - Jump 4Advanced Accuracy Canopy Course - Jump 5B-License Canopy Course - coach filming approach and landing

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Available Merits

Advanced Accuracy

Recipient has repeatedly demonstrated the knowledge and skill to land on a pre-declared target.

How this Merit is Earned

Recipient has demonstrated the following to the satisfaction and under the supervision of an AXIS Coach™: a) Competence in the execution of prescribed exercises, b) Completion of all provided canopy discovery drills, c) Three pre-declared stand-up landings into a circle 50 ft in diameter.

Pro Landings (SIM 7–2B)

Recipient has successfully fulfilled the accuracy landing requirements of USPA SIM Section 7-2 B. d.

How this Merit is Earned

Recipient has demonstrated the following to the satisfaction of an AXIS Coach™: Demonstrated 10 pre-declared stand-up landings into a 40-foot long by 20-foot wide rectangle using the same model and size canopy under the supervision of an AXIS Coach™.

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