Important Safety Warning

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Important Safety Warning

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Sport parachuting or skydiving is a potentially dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. Each individual participant, regardless of experience, has final responsibility for his of her own safety.

AXIS strongly recommends that you expand your skydiving skills with a professional coach and seek his/her advice as to whether the information on this website is appropriate for you. It is your responsibility to ask whatever questions are necessary for you to have a thorough understanding of the actions and procedures that you must perform in order to make a successful jump. You have the responsibility to exercise certain practices and perform certain actions to maintain safety for yourself and for other people.

Exercising proper precautions and procedures can enhance an individual’s safety. The content on contains some (but by no means all) of the knowledge and practices that, in the opinion of AXIS Flight School LLC, will promote the enjoyment of skydiving.

However, you use (or you don't use) any advice, opinion or recommendation expressed on entirely at your own risk, as stated in the General Terms and Conditions of Use. Read them carefully and completely.

Body Flight Theory—Part 1:
A Skydiving Coordinate System

By Niklas Daniel. Photos and illustrations by Niklas Daniel.

In order to fully exploit our body’s maneuvering potential in the air, we have to understand what is aerodynamically and physically possible and which underlying principles apply. This paper will eventually cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, whether for training purposes or general inquiries.

The goal of part 1 of this paper is to establish a more elegant and convenient way to visualize body-flight movement with the purpose of creating order by introducing AXIS systems. You will be introduced to aerodynamic fundamentals and principles of a person in freefall – be it skydiving, base jumping, or flying in a vertical wind tunnel.

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