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Sky Coaching

What kinds of free fall coaching does AXIS offer?

What are the benefits?

At AXIS Flight School people understand that your money and time is valuable, and because of this they aim to make the most of it. So instead of re-inventing the wheel, capitalize on the experience of your coach. You will end up saving money and time (compared to trying to learn it by yourself) because it will take less jumps to learn the basic fundamental skills necessary to be a better skydiver. It is important to have a solid foundation of the skill and knowledge of your current level of competency before attempting to learn something new. In order to find out what your individual needs are, Axis Flight School utilizes a flight progression to outline the coaching programs. Even though this progression has proven to be effective for many years, it is not set in stone and is adjustable to maximize your learning experience.

What to Expect

All sky coaching jumps include a full brief of the objectives and techniques needed for the skydive, point-of-view video by the coach, and a full debrief of the jump. If you would like to have a copy of the video, please bring a USB memory stick. 


Sky Coaching

$46 per coaching jump (video included)
Student needs to provide jump tickets for self and instructor.

Refresher Course and Check Dive

$100 includes ground prep, paperwork, and one check dive with instructor.
Students needs to provide their own equipment (or rent through Square 2) and need to cover the cost of their own and instructors jump ticket.

Military Training Services

Please contact the AXIS Flight School military liaison at miXXXlops [aXXXt] aXXXxisfXXXlightsXXXchool.cXXXom.

Production and Film Crews

Please contact our aerial camera specialist Nik at niXXXklas [aXXXt] aXXXxisfXXXlightsXXXchool.cXXXom.

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