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AXIS X-Pansion Projects

The AXIS Expansion Project takes jumpers who are interested in formation skydiving or VFS, and teaches them the dive pool formations in a comfortable, consistent and fun learning environment that involves tunnel and jump training. Then you will finish it off at the end of the year by learning to apply these skills in a competition environment.

I've never done 4-way, 8-way or VFS before!
I don't think I'm good enough!

If you are thinking this thought, or something like it, stop right there!

The intention of this project is to get jumpers of similar experience levels together and teach you all this stuff. You will go over how to build the formations, individual/team flying skills, and exits, as well as track off and canopy traffic when jumping with groups. You will learn how to make training plans and learn how to execute jumps so that your weekend jumping will improve.

Did you know that this is wickedly fun and awesome?

Jumping with the same people is a great way to begin improving individual flight skills, as well as building consistency in order to track your own individual progress. It can get quite frustrating when all you want to do is a 4-way, but then it grows to an 11-way. This is to help eliminate those pesky weekend jumping tendencies ;)

You will start out with some beginning 4-way groups, and an AXIS instructor will be jumping with you in the formation as well as coaching. You will have a videographer in order to maximize training. You learn how to properly prep and brief dives, as well as properly debrief them. Once the 4-way groups are more consistent and a little more knowledgeable, two groups can be combined to form 8-way teams. The vibe is low-key, but still goal and performance oriented.

If this project is something you would like to be a part of please contact Brianne Thompson at
Brianne [at]


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