Frequently Asked Question re. Coaching (or Training)

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Why coaching (or training)?

At AXIS Flight School we believe that fun and enjoyment in an activity is elevated through the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Our coaches train and compete at the world level, enjoying the process of seeing their skills improve year after year. We enjoy sharing our passion for training with those who seek to improve their skills too. No matter your experience level, we invite you to fly and learn with us.

A cornerstone of the AXIS Flight School philosophy is that we believe that coaching is a craft all on its own. It is not enough for an athlete to be good at what they do when it comes to teaching. Great coaches need to possess additional qualities that make them great teachers.

So why should you come train with us? Because we value your time and effort to reach your personal goals. Skydiving is a sport unlike any other. It is easy to get lost or overwhelmed without direction. We wish to help guide you with your goals in mind so that you can enjoy this sport to its fullest.


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Coaching (or Training)

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